Basic Photo Session

The basic photo session is designed for dog owners who are interested in a selection of beautiful photos of their dog with an option of only purchasing digital images for personal use or optional assistance of printing and framing small to medium size prints for table top frames to small to medium sized framed wall hangings. 

The “Portrait”, “Dog and Owner”, and “Dog and Interiors” photo sessions are offered as a Basic Photo Session. Additionally, the planning process has been created with digital automation features allowing efficient use of your time, perfect for busy people.

Photography sessions begin with an initial phone consultation to get to know each other and for me to understand the type of shoot that you are interested in booking. Once we confirm the photo session type that interests you, I will prepare a personalized offer for you. Upon signature of the booking agreement and received payment, the photo session will be confirmed. 

After the photo shoot takes place, images will go through the post production process. After post production, images will be presented to you in an online gallery for your selection. Once you select your images in the online gallery, you will have an option of purchasing one of the digital image packages or printing services for small to medium sized prints and framing. 

If you purchase a digital image package, images will be delivered to you upon payment via a password protected downloadable link.

If you decide you would like assistance with printing or framing of small to medium sized prints, we will discuss options with you. Once your printing and framing selection is confirmed and payment is received, your printing and framing order will be processed with our professional printing partner.

Final products will be shipped directly to you from our printer.

Please contact me directly for a personalized quote.


Beautiful or bizarre, each dog has an interesting form and personality, and this is your opportunity to capture these characteristics in a portrait.

Focusing on your dog’s specific physical characteristics and unique personality, I will take photos of your dog outdoors using natural light. 

1 hr Photography Session Outdoors 

1 Dog

Dog & Owner

This is an opportunity to capture your special connection with your dog.

Photos of you with your dog will be taken outdoors using natural light.

1 hr Photography Session Outdoors

1 Dog

1 Owner

Dog & Interior

Your sense of design is unquestionable, so this session will showcase your furry companion in the center of your stylish home or office. 

In this session, I will photograph your dog inside your home, outside in your garden, or in your office. 

1 hr Photography Session Indoors or Outdoor Garden

1 Dog

1 Owners