This premium package is designed for dog owners interested in creating custom artwork for their home to showcase their dog. Artwork may be a series of medium size wall art installations or a single large-scale format. I offer a variety of photo shoot options to choose from, or I am happy to customize a concept just for you.

Our session will begin with a short consultation call to get to know each other and hear about your interests and ideas before we schedule a time to meet in person in your home. The in-home meeting will be an opportunity for me to present and discuss conceptional ideas with you to plan the photo session; including, the overall aesthetic, location setting, background colors and any styling required; such as wardrobe, florals and other styling requirements. Additionally, I will review your available wall space, and discuss possible photography styles, color palette and sizing of photography products. I will also present you with printing and framing material samples; including, printing paper and framing options to consider for the final artwork.

After our discussion and your feedback, I will prepare a personalized written proposal for you. Once our agreement and payment is finalized, the photo shoot will be scheduled, and we will meet for the photo session.

Following the photo shoot, I will post process the photos, then we will meet again to review the images in person. During the in-person photo review, I will help you select the best image(s) and confirm the selected printing and framing materials. After this meeting, I will prepare an invoice summerizing the artwork production. Once payment is received for the photography products, I will prepare the images for printing and begin creating the final artwork with my professional printing partner.

Once the artwork is complete, I will make arrangements for the final artwork to be delivered to your home. If you require installation service, I can assist you with a trusted supplier on request.

Please contact me directly for a personalized quote.

Photo Shoot Options

Greyhound dog sitting on sofa with reflection of image in the coffee table by Zurich Photographer Leslie Argote


Beautiful or bizarre, each dog has an interesting form and personality, and this is your opportunity to capture these characteristics in a portrait.

Focusing on your dog’s specific physical characteristics and unique personality, I will take photos of your dog outdoors using natural light. 

1 hr Photography Session Outdoors 

1 Dog

Brown and White Hound Dog with Owner in St. Moritz by Zurich Photographer Leslie Argote

Dog & Owner

This is an opportunity to capture your special connection with your dog.

Photos of you with your dog will be taken outdoors using natural light.

1 hr Photography Session Outdoors

1 Dog

1 Owner

Terrier Dog Sitting on Bench in Living Room by Zurich Photographer Leslie Argote

Dog & Interior

Your sense of design is unquestionable, so this session will showcase your furry companion in the center of your stylish home or office. 

In this session, I will photograph your dog inside your home, outside in your garden, or in your office. 

1 hr Photography Session Indoors or Outdoor Garden

1 Dog

1 Owner

White Dog with One Eye Open Sitting on Grey Sofa in Living Room by Photographer Leslie Argote

Dog Story

Whether your dog is a hunting dog, a show dog, a service dog, or a dog that simply enjoys a day out on the town lunching and visiting their (your) favourite shops, this is your opportunity to document their unique story and or the story of your relationship.

Over a 4 hour session, I will capture a series of photos telling your dog’s unique story.

4 hr Photography Session

1 Dog

Up to 2 Owners

Grey Weimaranner Dog Running in the Snow by Zurich Photographer Leslie Argote

Dog In Action

Active dog owners, this is a perfect opportunity to capture your dog’s spectacular energy. 

Focused on movement, I will capture your dog in high action, running or jumping outdoors.

1 hr Photography Session Outdoors

1 Dog

Brown and White Shepherd Dog in Autumn Leaves by Zurich Photographer Leslie Argote

A Dog Year

New puppy owners, this one if for you! 

I will capture your puppy outdoors in their first year over three designated times periods; one to three months, six months, and one year.

3 Sessions Outdoors, 1 hour each

1 Dog