It is great that you have made a decision to invest in a Pet Photography Session. This is a memory that will last a lifetime, and I am thrilled to be able to work with you to create this special artwork. Now it’s showtime!

To prepare for your upcoming photography session, I have listed my top 10 tips that will make this a memorable experience for you and your pet. 

1. Grooming: This is the time for your pet to look their best. I advise that pets are bathed, hair is trimmed, and eye or skin allergies are addressed prior to the photo session. I also advise clients to bring a soft towel and a bottle of water in case we need to wipe away any eye residue, left over treats, or soil. 

2. Commands Practice: If your pet understands commands, great! Please practice these with your pet prior to the shoot, so we can reference these same commands with positive reinforcement during the shoot. If your pet does not know commands, it’s no problem, as I can use alternate techniques to interact with your pet. 

3. Leads and Collars: I suggest a natural look for your dog without their collar or leash. This look requires that your dog is trained properly to not run away and follow commands without a collar or lead. This is a detail that we will discuss in advance. 

4. Exercise: For optimum images, ideally, it is best to photograph a calm dog. Please ensure that your dog has had some exercise before the shoot. 

5. Food, Treats and Toys: Like exercise, please make sure your pet has been fed prior to the shoot. I do ask all clients to bring their favorite treats, water, and toys to the photo shoot. We will use treats as positive reinforcement for actions performed by your pet. 

6. Noise Makers: We all love those quirky expressions; such as, head tilts and perked up ears, and we will try to capture these looks with a variety of sounds. If there is a specific word (i.e. “Walk”) or noise (i.e. “Duck Call”) that you know will result in a response, let’s discuss this before the shoot. 

7. Arrival Time: I suggest arriving to the photo shoot location 15-30 minutes before our scheduled appointment. Arriving early will allow your pet to explore all the smells and sounds and get familiar with the location, so that we can focus on creating great images of your pet during the allotted session time. 

8. Arriving on Location: I like to take the first 10-15 minutes to get to know your dog. This means that I might like to go for a short walk, a Frisbee toss with your dog, or a simply a belly rub. 

9. Staying on Schedule: Since dog’s attention span is quite limited, I will try my best to make this a fun environment for your pet. We will take some short breaks in between shoots and try our best to stay on schedule. 

10. Photographer’s Role vs Owner’s Role During the Shoot: The photographer’s role is to direct the shoot. The owner’s role is to assist the photographer in managing their pet to get the best images of the pet. This means that as the photographer, I may ask your assistance in placing your pet in a certain position or to command your pet to perform an action (i.e. Sit, Paw). Verbal positive reinforcement by you and I will follow these requests and may involve treats when appropriate. 

I hope these tips are helpful in preparing for your pet’s photography session. If you have questions regarding your photo session in. Zurich, please send me an email at

Look forward to seeing you at the shoot!