Hi! I am Leslie Argote.

I am an American Art Photographer based in Zurich after living in Asia for 10 years. 

Growing up in New Orleans, the first photographs that fascinated me were those of National Geographic. At a time when we all learned about lifestyle and cultures through publications and books, I cherished this magazine. I could sit for hours studying the powerful portraits of people and their lifestyle in far away lands, each telling an emotional story of joy or sorrow. My time in Asia gave me opportunities to travel to many of the destinations I once read about as a child, observe new cultures, and document stories as they naturally unfolded. Photographing these unique travel and cultural interactions proved to be a special time capsule. I am forever grateful that I can continue to share these visual stories and relive these experiences through my photography. The capture of time through photography is a beautiful and meaningful way to preserve a memory, and I love that photography can achieve this. This field training allowed me to develop my photography skill set and apply my storytelling learnings to one of my favourite subjects, pets.

I adore animals, and I am fascinated by the powerful relationships between humans and pets, specifically dogs. It is a complete delight to be able to photograph pets and their owners in Zurich and internationally. Inspired by storytelling, I enjoy the process of translating these special emotional lifestyle images into a timeless fine art selection for your home or office. I cannot wait to hear your story, learn about your relationship with your pet, and work with you to create an ever-lasting memory of your bond.